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The amount for which the client plans to buy, usually managers enter it in advance. And after the transaction is closed, it is replaced with the actual one. Stage – stage of the sales funnel, indicated in numerical format, the number one is assigned to the initial appea. Tag – a tag, they are sometimes assigned by managers to simplify their work; pipeline – funnel number, should be used if you have several of them, for example, those who bought a car can apply for service to an official dealer if he has a service station. This script block specifies what data is dumped into the columns: script block that specifies what data is dumped into columns You can also add new fields to the table.

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For this you need: decide what names the new columns will have and write them down; for the second part of the script, specify the ID of the field that should be unloaded. On the screen, some of the fields are standard. For example, data. owner-name. But there Albania Phone Numbers List are also custom ones, I hid their names. Our CRM allows you to create the required fields yourself. They look like a set of numeric and numeric characters. One example of a custom field is the deal tag. When you need to change the data, you just need to enter the transaction ID in the field. How to find it out is written in the CRM documentation, you can also ask this question to technical support.

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The data obtained from CRM and converted must be reformatted into a two-dimensional array and placed in the table using such a cycle in the structure: how to reformat into a two-dimensional array and place it in a table using a loop in the construction The next step is to set the schedule for the script. The code should work in such a way that the data for the previous day is uploaded daily. It is best to set the unloading time around four or five in the morning. At this time, there is usually no one at work, but by the beginning of the day, the team has the most recent information in front of their eyes.

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