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Wise men don’t drive when they drink” and suggests paying attention to the most harmless drink: Budweiser, non-alcoholic beer holiday ad Heineken went down a similar path, but they simply emphasized the warning. Their creative shows that Santa would roll over and lose all the gifts if he “led” the sled while drunk: Heineken creative new year advertising 8. Airbnb: Highlights the value of the holidays, but without the usual paraphernalia Airbnb proves that Christmas ads don’t have to include a Christmas tree, garlands, gifts, and all that. The video shows how the owners of the whole world open their doors for travelers on holidays.

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The company emphasizes thescale and cohesion of the Airbnb “family” – now it is 4 million homeowners from different countries. This ad is truly cosmopolitan. After all, far from all countries people celebrate the New Year with the typical attributes of this holiday – with snow, a Christmas tree, Santa and so on. The viewer travels with the heroes of the video Croatia Mobile Number List from the USA to Japan, from Kenya to New Zealand, from Brazil to Spain. Ringostat for auto business Manage to process all calls. Ringostat has a smart call queue, voice mail and flexible forwarding schemes for weekdays and weekends. Find out what activities lead to calls from buyers and how investments in promotion pay off. Clear reports will show how online and offline advertising, car portal ads, etc work.

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Communicate with buyers in a single interface. Make and receive calls directly in the browser, answer leads from different messengers in one window. Control how managers communicate with customers. Listen to audio recordings of calls and train new employees with them. Learn more 9. Land Rover and Volkswagen: New Year’s advertising for auto topics It may seem that auto topics have very little to do with the New Year and Christmas. But well-known brands still find a reason to attract attention at this time. Firstly, there are still people for whom a car may well become a gift for the New Year. It is on them that the creative from Volkswagen is oriented. He reveals that even Santa is considering ditching the reindeer in favor of a new car model.

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