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Benefits of a boxed CRM one-time purchase of software hosted on the user’s servers; the possibility of custom refinement and point settings for solving specific problems. Cons of boxed CRM the need to buy expensive server hardware; server maintenance is also a cost; at the initial stage, the implementation and support of the system is time-consuming and may require significant costs. Flexibility The more flexible settings provided in the system, the more individual business needs it can cover. For example: the ability to create multiple sales funnels; regular generation of various reports; saving the history of changes; interface type.

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Some CRMs even allow each user to choose a color scheme for themselves to make it more enjoyable to work with. Removing and addng functionality If the business grows, it gradually has new tasks, processes and directions. You need to understand Bosnia and Herzegovina Mobile Number List whether it is possible to supplement or change the basic functionality of the system. Otherwise, over time, you will have to look for a new CRM. And vice versa – sometimes you have to turn off unnecessary functions so as not to clutter up the workspace and not pay for extra parameters. According to a study , 72% of users are willing to trade high CRM functionality for ease of use. Please note that certain work can be performed at the stage of “finishing” CRM for business tasks. But if you need deep refinement, customization and branding, this is another task.

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And that means a new technical task, allocated budget, deadlines. Safety If system security is your top priority, check with the developer about how they provide data protection. For example: restriction or distribution of access – each user can work only with the amount of data that is open to him; backing up data on multiple hard drives; access by IP addresses – prohibition to use the system outside the workplace; encryption – data protection when using CRM in public places. Technical support It is good if the service provider provides training and provides prompt technical support. If this service is included in the subscription price, even better. Data import Explore the possibilities for importing information – it’s good if this happens automatically.

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