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The value receive from there goes to the column. if The Value column does not always show the actual amounts of won trades. As I said above, managers sometimes write down the estimate amount of payment from the client. In Ringo stat, it is enter into CRM after a commercial offer has been sent to the client. IMPORTANT: this or a similar dashboard allows you to understand whether you see the final or intermediate statistics. That is, if today is the last day of the month, but I see three open trades, then the data may not be final. After all, deals may not close. Step 4. Create a dashboard that has a selector to toggle data Unloading is a large array of numbers.

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And it is difficult to quickly draw conclusions just by looking at it. Therefore, it is better to make a sheet in which the information is presente as clearly as Azerbaijan Mobile Number List possible: a dashboard sheet in which the information is present as clearly as possible Here we see: the selector with which the years are switch is in the upper left corner; funnel stages describe above: SQL, won and others. Here we also enter a formula that counts how many leads with a certain status were in which month and in which year. You can set the formula to calculate the number of leads with the following inputs: month 1, year 2021, and the AB (“Won”) column also indicates a unit.

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We stretch the formula to all the necessary cells and the dashboard is ready. In it, we see data by month, and only those positions that are indicate. The numbers that are pull onto this sheet will appear. In addition, the metrics you mark are visible at the bottom of the dashboard. This is a chart with eight weeks of data. It is useful to understand whether indicators are increasing or decreasing – so the dynamics of movement towards the goal becomes more obvious. Step 5. Make a sheet that records data for specific campaigns There is also a sheet in the template that contains data on unique campaigns.

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