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Air Canada appeals to the feeling of homesickness in its video. Which on the eve of the holidays becomes especially acute. The video begins in a London pub where ethnic Canadians often gather. Two pilots of this airline come in and start asking people if they miss home. Many admit that they would love to fly to Canada, but now they cannot afford it. As a result, the pilots give all visitors to the pub tickets to their homeland and back. It causes cries of joy and even tears of happiness. This initiative also caused a big response in the company’s social networks: Air Canada New Year’s Eve social media initiative 19.

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Greenpeace with the future in mind Among brands, care about the climate situation is now very popular. Patagonia, Lush and hundreds of other companies are building their strategy around the message of mindful consumption. Therefore, it is not Dominican Republic Mobile Number List necessary to be Greenpeace or any other similar organization to touch on this topic. But you can learn a lot from them through examples of creatives that evoke strong emotions. What is a snowman in a glass toy worth, which has melted due to global warming: Greenpeace, New Year’s advertising Or Santa’s house, the North Pole, which has turned from a snow-covered plain into an ocean where the remains of icebergs float. And among them is a recognizable red and white hat.

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The organization calls to save the wizard’s homeland. Greenpeace, social holiday advertising 20. Durex: Santa has gifts for the “naughty” too The New Year is considered primarily a holiday for children, but brands from the “adult” theme also do not miss the opportunity to promote themselves at this time. And here it’s hard to ignore Durex, which, despite its specific niche, always has a creative approach to promotion. And often gets into the western collections of the most creative advertising. Their New Year’s activities were no exception either. For example, one campaign called for “wrapping gifts to make them more enjoyable.” And one of the creatives claims that Santa prepared gifts even for those who were naughty this year.

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