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Appearance of the dashboard described in the article Here is the general principle of how the dashboard works. Data on leads and advertising sources that brought them are taken from CRM; this information is compared with what is recorded in Google Ads for all online conversions; the result is displayed: how many leads the ad gives and whether they can be considered of high quality. This is how a marketer or PPC specialist can clearly see how traffic from advertising converts or does not convert into sales. If there is a lot of traffic and few sales, you will have to figure out how it happened. It is especially important for Ringo stat to understand how successful the promotion is right now.

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Because the deal cycle in the company is long. Sometimes it takes two or three months to complete a sale. And you can’t wait that long to understand right now Switzerland Phone Numbers List whether advertising is effective. This can result in the context budget being partially wasted for a long time. And now you can download the sample upload template . Based on it, I will tell you how to analyze the effectiveness of advertising. The numbers in it are conditional and are given just for example. A few words about why I advise you to create a dashboard in Google Sheets: it is a simple, free and popular tool, it is used by almost all marketers.

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The work of Google Sheets is described in numerous manuals, it is discussed in thematic chats, groups, forums; the dashboard will contain only the data that you definitely need – this is more convenient than looking for the numbers you need in Google Analytics and Google Ads reports; access levels can be configured as the owner needs: someone can only watch, and someone can edit. Such a dashboard is built in six steps. I will describe each of them in detail below. Step 1. Write a script that will regularly upload data from CRM to Google Sheets You need to start by creating an empty table, you can do this by following the link.

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