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Ringo stat Marketing Director Alexander Kiselev shares a tool that helps to evaluate how successful the promotion is. This is exactly what they did in Ringo stat before the advent of end-to-end analytics. Reading time 24 minutes You can jump directly to the section of interest: Step 1. Write a script that will regularly upload data from CRM to Google Sheets Step 2. Create a sheet where the data will be filter Step 3. Enter Formulas to Qualify Leads Step 4. Create a dashboard that has a selector to toggle data Step 5. Make a sheet that records data for specific campaigns Step.

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Combine data from CRM and from Google Ads Summary: 6 steps to create a dashboard The data on the number of conversions alone does not allow you to fully evaluate the effectiveness of advertising. Many are face with a situation where traffic is bought Switzerland Phone Numbers List from contractors, and there seem to be conversions from it. And then it becomes clear that the providers turn out to be unscrupulous and brought bots that made conversions. Create a sheet where the data will be filtered We finished the first step by creating a table sheet with raw data. In the example template, its name DB is short for data base.

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That is why I decide to share the experience that I have gain in Ringostat. Until we had a cross-cutting, when evaluating the effectiveness of advertising, we reli on data on transactions with specific leads from contextual advertising. And if you look at the stages at which the transactions are, you can understand the quality of the lead. For the method to work, you connect and stable CRM; Google Ads; call tracking, which is connect to CRM and transmits UTM tags for the leads that call to the last one. Call tracking passes lead source to CRM Call tracking passes lead source to CRM The dashboard that I will describe in the article looks like this.

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