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But we are still together.” The video ends with the call “Make someone’s holiday.” 3. Next: a separate page for the New Year’s offer Clothing brand Next for New Year and Christmas traditionally creates a separate landing page. This idea may seem obvious – but it is not so common among Ukrainian brands, so it’s time to take it into service. The company also spins ads for “New Year’s” requests: Next, Christmas advertising If you want to do like Next, think about which of your products might be in demand for the new year. And collect them on a separate landing page with a festive design.

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Next looks like this: Next, landing page with gifts It may seem like this tactic is only suitable for B2C companies that sell decor, home goods, or clothing. But it is not. For example, we at Ringostat followed the same path and made a separate landing Colombia Mobile Number List page with a holiday theme. To emphasize the New Year atmosphere, we made a landing page in the style of the Home Alone movie, which everyone knows and loves. To draw parallels between it and our platform, we showed how telephony, call tracking and end-to-end analytics can protect businesses in the next year. From the hypothetical Marv and Harry who “steal” profits from companies. Like missing calls, budgeting for campaigns that don’t work, etc.

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Ringo stat, New Year promo page 4. Coca-Cola: give what only you can The video from the Canadian division of Coca-Cola is another example of a touching ad that touches on the theme of the family. After all, after all, the New Year is, first of all, a family holiday. The video urges not to chase expensive gifts, but to do something nice for loved ones, being next to them on Christmas and New Year. The father of a little girl makes her way through the jungle, crosses the icy oceans, rides along the mountain roads in a truck with cattle. And all in order to deliver a letter to Santa from his daughter. But when the man finally gets to the magic house, he sees the sign “Closed for Christmas.

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