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But how is this possible? Thanks to VR glasses, that is, virtual reality glasses. the smartphone in front of his eyes, simulating that he is, in fact, in the scene. Depending on the technology, the user can move in the simulated reality with commands executed by the hands or in the head. There are also headsets that provide the user with a complete experience within a virtual universe, but end up costing more. In addition, on the market there is the option of buying VR glasses with a helmet to further amplify the captured reality. As with augmented reality, virtual reality is already part of everyday life.

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But can also be used to experience real life Laos Number Data environments. Also read: Do you have an app idea? How to make it practical? Why develop projects for each reality for companies? Technology has evolved at accelerate levels in recent years. Next to it are the transformations that users have gone through. Therefore, companies must think about how to present their projects and, together, offer the best customer experience . With augmented reality and virtual reality technologies, companies can delight the user in a way never seen before. And the best: they can be include in several sectors, among which are civil construction, automotive engineering, among others. Imagine that a customer is looking for a property to rent or buy.

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Environment of a decorated plant, turn it into a virtual project and make it available for customers to visit the site before buying. It’s an innovative experience, isn’t it? Some companies that manufacture inks are already investing in augmente reality to see how certain colors would look in certain environments. Great expectations for the market In 2019, a survey by multinational financial group  CG Leads would be worth an estimated US$2.6 billion by 2025. On the other hand, the scenario is even more promising in recent studies. According to a survey conducted by Snap and Deloitte Digital, investments relate to the creation of augmente reality technologies will reach $72.8 billion by 2024. According to the indices, a promising trend is observe for companies specialize in the development of augmente reality and virtual reality solutions.

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