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There are two methods to add the video to your mailing, one is by embedding it in the email and the other by placing a link. The disadvantage of the video tasting method is the weight, so get a free tip from us : Create one static image from your video, combine it in the mailing and make it clickable so that anyone who clicks on the image will immediately be transferre to the video itself and your mailing will not be heavy. Make sure the image looks like a video with the buttons. Motivate them to action via email The drive to action is the one that produces the results themselves, within your mailing strategy because it is the one that takes the reader beyond the email and directs him through the desire action (purchase, continue reading, etc.). Usually, the drive to action will be a button or a link.

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The position where you place the trigger for action plays a El Salvador Phone Number List significant role in your click rate. A good motivation for action consists of an attractive and spicy text. Try to produce an intriguing text that stands out above all else Don’t repeat what your competitors are saying. Try to be original and thus attract the reader to click Prominent motivation for action. Make sure that the button or link driving your action stands out and is not hidden among the tools Place it in a winning position and emphasize it as much as possible More than once, we have seen emails where the button was at the end of a long text or the link was so small that we didn’t notice it at all, learn from the mistakes of others.

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Creating a sense of urgency – Do you have stock that you CG Leads want to sell quickly. Use your urgency and convey the feeling to the readers – thus leading them safely towards taking the desire action. By the way, the sense of urgency is not suitable only for things that are indee urgent in time. But can also be suitable for conveying the message that you and your email can bring about. The change to which the same reader is guilty.

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