To Make A Decision, You Need To Answer Such Questions.

Before connecting call tracking, the main thing is to understand whether you need this product. And if so, which one: static, dynamic or combined.


  1. Do your customers need additional phone consultations before they make a purchase decision?
  2. Do you use online promotion and if so, how much do you spend on it?
  3. How many people visit your site during the day?
  4. What percentage of conversions happen over the phone?
  5. Are you promoting your business offline as well.

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After that, you can pre-calculate whether call tracking will be profitable for you. Better yet, get a detailed consultation from our managers who will ask clarifying questions and offer a solution that will definitely be the most suitable for your business.

Both a Swiss and a reaper …” – this is how a marketer can answer the question of what he does. This specialist must know the market, the buyer and his true desires. Even those that the client himself does not know about. Form brand image and Israel Mobile Number List product demand, conduct research and much more. Ringo stat tells you who a marketer is, what marketers do and what skills a specialist should have.

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  1. Responsibilities: What Does a Marketer Do?
    • Development and launch of marketing activities
    • Systematization and analysis of data on the effectiveness of advertising
    • Building a buyer persona
    • Market and competitor analysis
    • Search for points of growth
    • Creating a content plan and content promotion strategy
  2. Varieties of the specialty
  3. Conclusion: the pros and cons of the marketing profession

First, let’s understand what marketing is. There are dozens of definitions of this concept, only in the Russian-language Wikipedia there are six of them.

As one of them says, marketing is the business process of building relationships with customers and satisfying their needs. The marketer acts as an intermediary in this process. It depends on him how potential buyers will perceive the brand. Now let’s figure out who a marketer is and what he does.

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