To Evenly Distribute Impressions After All

If a campaign combines a very different product range or many positions, it will be quite difficult to scale it. Therefore, your task is to try to segment Smart Shopping into its constituent elements. It will be easier if you have made different product groups – divide them among themselves. And allocate a conditional budget of $ 5-10 for each and assign the appropriate profitability. If you sell products of the same type, break it down by price tag size and audience type. Let’s say you sell furniture. Then the campaigns can be broken down like this: furniture for loft-style interiors, furniture for attic and lofts, etc. This way, the likelihood that the campaign will work for the right audience is higher. And sales for a particular range will be higher.

Its Task Is To Get A Conversion As Quickly

The same can be done on an already launched Smart Shopping campaign. Just turn off products that attract traffic, clicks, but do not bring conversions. This will change the distribution of impressions in the existing mechanics, and the system will begin to Hungary Mobile Number List select product options. So you “break” the already established display algorithm a little. What to do with goods It is ideal to highlight them in a standard commercial advertising campaign. Of course, you can also transfer them to Smart Shopping with a low budget and high profitability. But still, it’s better to put them in a standard product campaign with a rigid fixing of the cost per click and without a budget limit. In a standard campaign, you will be able to see and control the quality of your traffic.

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As Possible For The Profitability

It is possible that the product item is shown to an absolutely irrelevant audience. And in a standard shopping campaign, we can see search queries, but not in Smart Shopping. Perhaps the campaign is collecting irrelevant traffic, and because of this there are no conversions. Or a problem in the conversion of the site. There is a situation when you sell the same type of product and the price is absolutely not competitive. The more players on the market, the lower the site conversion. It’s like sharing one cake between two, three or 60 people. The more eaters, the smaller the portion. If you have the same type of product, and the competition is high, do not expect high conversion, even at an affordable price.

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