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With this tool you can add the Analytics tracking code and if you make future changes, they will apply to the entire site and there will be no nee to manually change each and every page of the site. Tag Analytics Set goals and objectives Beyond all the information that analytics provides to website owners, it has a number of special strengths and one of them is the ability to track conversions with define goals . [contact-form-7 404 “not found”] So what are goals actually. Goals are specific actions that the website owner would like the surfers to perform.

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A target can be the click on a purchase confirmation button for Kuwait Phone Number List example, and this will give the most important information and that is the conversion that was made. Once you define the goals. Analytics will be able to track the specific actions on your website and direct them to the appropriate marketing channels. The goals will allow you to generate reports and understand which marketing channels yield the most and what they yield. Let us guess.. Your next question is What types of goals can be set.

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Duration Рcontinuation target will tell you how long surfers CG Leads were on a certain page or how long on the site itself and if you want to know why this is important then we will expand and explain that you can set a certain duration that you want to know they have passe and this is very important information that says quite a bit about your site. · Destination Рif you want to know if there was a visit to any page, this is the destination to set. Or any other page on the site that gives you valuable information.

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