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So what is a kernel update. Google reports that it makes adjustments to its algorithm on a regular basis, almost on a daily basis (which also makes a lot of sense overall), and all this with the aim of continuing to serve the surfers better, provide more adapte results and rank the sites better. Most of the time, these updates do not attract special attention and are not even noticeable, but several times a year there are more significant updates and they already attract a bit of attention, thanks to the fluctuations observe after them… these updates are calle “core updates”.

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For the most part, Google recognizes and acknowledges these Chile Phone Number List core updates, this is because it wants to give site owners more accurate information about what they can do to improve their site and how to be a better site for surfers. The update that took place in September was a little more specific from Google’s point of view. Which emphasize that sometimes, everything is fine with the content on the site and it is still possible to notice decreases in positions. As a result of this specific update. It is important to understand that the purpose of the update is not necessarily to punish content or a site. But simply to find content that is better written and more develope, as well as more reliable for users. Sometimes, this may mean that certain content that followe all the “rules” will still suffer a drop because there is content that is a little better than it.

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Google core update What do you do while waiting for a Google CG Leads core update? In general, the recommende thing for every website owner is to follow his website and monitor it regularly. A good option is to create alerts for important pages that will notify. You of decreases in positions and thus know immediately.  A certain page has suffere a decrease and immediately try to fix and improve it.

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