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Ringo stat will help increase the effectiveness of advertising 20+ reports that will help you evaluate the return on advertising. in favor of the most successful ones. Understanding how to optimize ads. Reports will show which sources, channels, campaigns and keywords are working. Audio recordings of calls will help to understand what information buyers are missing in ads. Automatic calculation of advertising payback. End-to-end analytics will show income from launch activities and calculate ROI for them. Simple and fast bid management. and manage your bids right in Ringo stat. Learn more What is important to consider First of all, to create goals in Google Analytics.

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You need to set up the correct transmission of events from call tracking to this system. To do this, you will need to create trackd entities and Web hook for data transfer. If you want to do it on your own, ask for instructions from our technical support. or in Telegram . Or contact support immediately for help. All events in Google Analytics can be checke in the “Configuration” – “Events” section. The event for all calls will be call “call”, it does not need to be Norway Mobile Number List specially create – it will appear automatically. Goals in Google Analytics 4 Target setting for unique calls A unique call is a call from a specific phone number. Simplifie, how many unique calls – so many users who contacte the company.

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Except for situations where one person called from two different numbers. To set up a target for such calls, you first need to create a custom definition. This can be done by the parameter that we previously add to the Web hook. It is on its basis that further filtering for the target will take place. First, click on the Custom Definitions tab and create a custom parameter with the following criteria: Setting up Google Analytics goals4 Set the name of the Unique Call parameter. We set the description in such a way that it is better to understand what kind of special definition it is. We select the event parameter from the drop-down list – in this case, unique Call. Because this is the parameter that was set in the Web hook.

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