They will be saved in the gallery of your smartphone

Once the pages of your Story have been created and downloaded, they will be saved in the gallery of your smartphone: all you have to do is share them. Create your own filter with VSCO Cam tutorial-photo-editing-online-vsco Source: VSCO The VSCO application , like most photo editing tools, provides you with various classic adjustment options (saturation, brightness, contrast, clarity, etc.) and some free filters whose intensity you can adjust. To have access to more options, borders or more filters, you will need to subscribe to the premium version. The main strength of VSCO is to offer you to create a “formula”, ie to save the adjustments and modifications that you have made to a media, in order to automatically apply them to your next photos to be edited. Be careful however, some manual touch-ups will remain necessary depending on the desired rendering.

Defining zones to animate in the decor in the background

Animate a background image with Pixaloop online-photo-editing-tutorial pixaloop Source: Enlight Pixaloop The Enlight Pixaloop application offers you the possibility of simply Banner Design cutting out the main subject of a photo, and of defining zones to animate in the decor in the background. After that, The rendering is playful, and its little retro kitsch side is reminiscent of the flashy pictures of animated waterfalls of the 80s. Nevertheless, the movement created has the advantage of attracting the eye, and giving intensity to your picture. Play apprentice phototoshopers with Snapseed Snapseed , an application developed by Google , has the big advantage of being completely free and ad-free. After that, You will find the usual tools there: classic settings for brightness/contrast/grain etc., some filters, but also and above all options to not only improve, but modify your photo, for example. After that, the correction tool to erase the details you want to disappear the selection.

Banner Design

Upload your photo to Canva photo editor tutorial-online-photo-editing

Online-photo-editing-tutorial-snapseed Source Snapseed Visual. Canva Finally, the integrated tutorials and the large number of functions offered have been developed in a very educational way.  To guide you CG Leads in your learning of retouching. Tutorial: how to quickly edit your photos professionally.  Step by step, with Canva Photo Editor.  Upload your photo to Canva photo editor tutorial-online-photo-editing. Canva Source: Canva No need to download an application or register. Go directly to the Canva Photo Editor page and download the photo you want to edit in a few clicks. You can upload your content using: the explorer of your computer. Or your telephone or simply by drag and drop. Add a filter online-photo-editing-tutorial-filter Source. Canva To give a particular hue to your shot, start by choosing from the 14 filters offered. Then, for the selected filter, adjust the subtlety you want to add to it.  Accentuation of certain colors, intensification of contrast, transposition to black and white or sepia, etc. Adjust brightness, contrast and saturation These three settings act both on the level of detail of the image.

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