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So we’ve all heard of it and we all know it exists, but how many of us really know it and know how to use it correctly. In the following lines we will talk about this special tool and help you get to know it and make the most correct use of it. Brief introduction: about 6 years ago, Google announce a new tool whose function is to instruct the algorithm to ignore certain links, this tool is calle Disavow . The disavow tool is a tool with which Google’s algorithm knows which links it should ignore. The way the tool tells Google what to ignore is through a list of the domain names or pages where the links appear that should be ignore. When do you use Disavow.

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There are two cases in which you will want to use Disavow Jamaica Phone Number List and they are when you feel and experience a drop in rankings and when, unfortunately, you have been penalize by Google. Drop in rankings – there are quite a few reasons why a site can lose positions and among them. We will find the reason for excess low-quality links. A website, on which you are working and trying to promote. You will certainly want links and the more there are – the better. But you want them of high quality. The disavow tool can help eradicate the influence of these low-quality links and simply ensure. That Google knows how to ignore them. Google penalty – When a site experiences a manual penalty from Google due to problematic links. You even “got” to receive a notification in your webmaster tool. You will probably want to use the disavow tool and as soon as possible.

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It is important to note that Google will always want to see a site that has been punishe tries to mend. Its ways and tries to remove the links by proactively and independently. Contacting the sites from which the links originate and not directly using the disavow tool. Problematic link – ID card If we’ll be honest, we all know what a problematic link is from the first moment. The link was poste or we requeste it, but for all those who really don’t know what a problematic link is. Below is the list of criteria for a problematic link.

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