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Most business owners understand the power of the web and want their website to appear as high as possible in the search results – in order to be able to do this and indeed star in the search results, website promotion must be carried out and done perfectly in order to be able to overcome the competitors and win the coveted first position. The world of website promotion is a complex world and it is not for nothing that only the most professionals manage to take the websites to the first places and this is because only the professionals know how to look at the picture in its entirety and understand all the stages of the promotion.

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Poor website security. The negative consequences of poor website security
The site is intende to be use by surfers on the one Afghanistan Phone Number List hand and the site owner on the other hand. The owner of the site wants the surfers to enter the site, get to know his business and become customers.

The surfers want to surf on websites that interest them and those that can provide them with the require “product. When a website is not secure and even hacke, information may leak and those surfers we talke about, will not want to visit this website again, because it does not protect them and their information. The damage to trust is so great that the site may become a site to stay away from and all because it was not properly secure. In addition, when a website is hacke, it may enter a black list and completely disappear from the search results – despite the large investment in its promotion.

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The effects of website security on its promotion in CG Leads Google. It is important to know: the security of the site is a key parameter in the ranking of the site by Google. During the year 2014, Google officially announce that website security will be a key parameter affecting the ranking of the website in the search engine, hence the need for website security for all types of websites that wish to achieve the best ranking results as part of the organic website promotion procedure in Google. The great importance that Google attributes to the field of website security arises against the background of an increasing scope of schedule cyber attacks against various websites on the network.

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