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Common problems that are important to know about As we mentione above, redesigning the site may damage the results of the site’s ranking in the search engines and this in view of common problems typical of the process. These problems include, among others: content that changes and/or content that is remove by mistake, protocols that may change, damage of one kind or another to the internal links of the site and other problems that may affect in one way or another the ranking results of the site. If you are also planning a website redesign procedure, we recommend that you consult with the website promoter and examine together with him the conditions required to avoid common problems that may accompany the process.

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In most cases, it’s best to go through the redesign Albania Phone Number List process with the website designer and website developer in sync with each other throughout. Here are the steps to minimize the possible vulnerabilities: First step: snapshot Before you make any changes, you should know where your website currently stands and what its ranking is. If you are wondering why then the answer is that you will have something to compare to after you finish the entire redesign process . With a current snapshot, you can compare to what was before and know if everything is indexed properly and if the rankings have been saved. The snapshot should include the following.

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nd This If You Take All Measures

There are quite a few tools that can help you with the CG Leads scanning task and among them we will find the Screaming Frog (which has a free version limite in the number of pages which will probably be enough for you). Blocke content – Along the way, you’ve probably blocke various pages and to make sure they remain blocke after the redesign, create an orderly list of these pages using your robots file or using Google’s search console (formerly Webmaster Tools). Great, now you have the snapshot of the site and you know exactly how it looks right now. What you need to do is re-examine your goals and objectives from the new design and figure out how to do it without harming your current positions and rankings .

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