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So what happens when you change a domain name? As with any action in the world of SEO that is not performe correctly, changing to a new domain may have very serious consequences for your website’s ranking. There can be many reasons for this, for example: the fact that Google performs its ranking base on a number of data , such as the rank of your domain and the rank of the page and more. When you decide to change a domain to a new domain, the same calculation metrics basically reset. Fortunately for you, there are several ways to reduce the damage, if you are careful enough and work correctly.

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Why do website owners consider changing a domain? The most Bulgaria Phone Number List common reason is changing the name of the business and/or brand. At the same time, there are other situations that require changing the domain to a new domain, below is a brief overview and common reasons for purchasing a new domain: The site owners don’t like the domain name Quite a few times website owners want a change, or they simply want to increase the relevance of their differentiation in the market in front of their competitors. The domain name is not performing well The domain name has faile to achieve organic traffic or it receives negative feedback for any reason such as toxic links pointing to it and there is a feeling and decision that the domain name needs to be change.

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Business change The business change can be expresse in CG Leads several ways: acquire business, change of activity, change of industry and more. Often a business change requires the purchase of a new domain, with all the implications of that. TLD domain upgrade ( top-level-domin ) Sometimes a domain is purchase by default. Website owners often purchase domains, just because the domain they really wante is taken and there was no other choice. When there is an opportunity to change the domain name, they do it without thinking twice.

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