The practice of coloring allows you to disconnect

The practice of coloring allows you to disconnect, in order to better mobilize your concentration skills. 2. The different styles of coloring book The coloring book dedicated to learning Learning while having fun is more fun and more effective for our children. Help them by creating themed coloring books. Does your child discover the world of letters and numbers? A coloring book with letters to color would be welcome! It might be a good idea to also insert an object or animal starting with the same letter, for pronunciation. Create a coloring book of animals , plants, garden fruits and vegetables, vehicles or takes longer than downloading a coloring page from the internet, but the result is there. The only drawback You will need to use photo editing software such as Photoshop or Gimp  or you can follow our tutorial to do online photo editing with Canva.

Many sites offer plural activities for children

How-to-create-your-coloring-book-how-to-image04 The coloring book as a family activity Coloring is also a great activity to do with the family ! Many sites E-Commerce Photo Editing Service offer plural activities for children and parents. They offer an endless list of creative hobbies to do with the family or to offer to children. You will find games, quizzes, ideas for manual activities but also a non-exhaustive list of coloring pages to print! Screenshot 2019-12-23 at 22.45.51 Screenshot of the list of colorings available on the The themed coloring book Horses, dogs, Pokemon, sports, princes and princesses, astronauts, Christmas, Halloween, etc: vary the themes of your personalized and DIY coloring books. how-to-create-your-coloring-book-how-to-image06 “Monsters” coloring page created with Canva.

E-Commerce Photo Editing Service

Using illustrations from the application Let’s take

Using illustrations from the application Let’s take the example of this template created from Canva : – we first defined the theme: monsters – we then created CG Leads the document – then we searched for images of monsters on Canva and we imported them – We’ve laid out all these little critters, making sure they don’t overlap – And finally, a small text has been added, in the space reserved for this purpose how-to-create-your-coloring-book-how-to-image07 “Flowers” coloring page created with Canva, from illustrations in the application The Mandala Coloring Book The mandala is primarily a tool for meditation and concentration. We use our own creativity to bring out the beauty of the mandala by coloring it! how-to-create-your-coloring-book-how-to-image08 Coloring Mandala created with Canva.


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