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After you know this, you need to go to your Ringostat personal account and look at the call logs for all active projects. Let’s say you see that there are no calls. This may mean, for example, that when setting up an ad, the phone number is incorrectly specified, and because of this, customers do not get through. Or the developers changed something on the site and accidentally deleted a fragment of the call tracking code. Active projects are visible in this tab on the main page of your personal account: Ringostat personal account, active projects You need to go into the project and see how things are in reports that are important to it, for example, these.

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Not a single call has been received for a month. Such indicators are a reason to understand the situation and understand whether no one really called, or incorrect tracking settings were set. Benefits of Call tracking Ringo stat similar services in Eastern Russia Mobile Number List Europe. Ready-made reports on key parameters and the ability to create your own reports on 30+ parameters. You can manage 95% of the settings yourself according to the instructions from the Ringo stat knowledge base. Really fast and professional support – response time less than 4 minutes. Ready-made integrations with popular CRM systems and other services. platform Learn more 3. Check if call tracking integrations with other services are configured and if the transfer of call data to other platforms is working As a rule.

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Marketers work not only with call tracking, but also with other services and systems. Ringo stat pulls data about calls to the required system, where you can work with them further. For example, after integration with amo CRM, call data is sent to it. Ringostat transmits information about the advertising source of the call, down to the keyword. The data is attached to the transaction. This allows the marketer to understand which ads are most likely to lead to phone calls and sales. You can also track how calls are converted into deals. Ringostat integration with amoCRM An example of reports for a client with configured integration of call tracking and CRM

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