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Watch the following video to understand their wonderful tool: Types of heatmaps The heat map is produce with the help of click tracking software that converts the movement of surfers on a certain page and the clicks they make on that page. There are two main types of heatmaps: mouse-tracking heatmaps and eye-tracking heatmaps. The most common type is mouse herds and this is due to the relatively low costs. Below are several examples of heat maps according to the type of surveillance they know how to perform; Click tracking Let’s start with the most common type, which is tracking the clicks made by the surfers on the site.

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With the help of the map, the owner or administrator of the Hungary Phone Number List website will be able to understand and see where his users are clicking and direct them to the push buttons for action. In addition, the heat maps help to understand which links on the page should be remove as they distract the surfers. Mouse movement Mouse movement maps allow you to see how the surfers actually read and view your website. With the help of these maps, you can know where the surfers move the mouse the most and determine which parts of the site manage to catch the attention of the surfers the most. Scroll tracking These maps reveal very important information and it is how best to present and place the content on your website.

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The maps will show you where you should place the push to CG Leads action button in order to maximize and get as many conversions as possible on your landing page. Many studies hold that over 85% of the content is concentrate above the scroll and this means that if the push button for your action is after scrolling… you should probably move it up. Eye tracking This type of maps makes use of all the interaction that the surfer performs with and on the site and thus the map manages to determine the movement of the surfer’s eye on the site.

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