The Formula to Create the Perfect Client

Surely you have heard many times that it is necessary to identify who your client is. When we launch to sell something, be it a product, a service or an idea, it is necessary to have a precise definition of who will buy what I am going to sell. We must identify our perfect client. The one to whom our content is direct and who is the central axis of our Marketing Strategy . In this way we are guaranteeing a vital aspect for the success of our strategy, safeguarding the investment that we must make. Not defining our client properly and in a timely manner is a mistake that is made very often, especially with emerging brands. When we only had television, radio and print media such as newspapers and magazines, the way of marketing considered the main premise to reach the widest possible audience.

What is target audience or target?

This is where the concept of target audience appears. With the appearance of the Internet, many schemes have been modify. Among them, the way of doing Anhui Mobile Phone Number List marketing has evolved very quickly. Marketing strategies are fine-tuned and focus more precisely. Let’s look at some concepts related to our customers that are part of any marketing strategy today. The formula for the perfect client: Discover who is your ideal person or buyer person. We can state that target audience , also known as target , is that group of people who have certain common characteristics in demographic, socio-economic and psychological aspects, and who are perceive as future consumers of what we sell. Therefore, it is for that specific sector that the Marketing Strategy that we develop is work.

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The target audience becomes imminent

Although it is quite general, every day the dynamic demands that it be focuse. In the analog era, this concept was already a great advance, very successful. But CG Leads with the arrival of the digital era, where the Internet, social networks and search engines become a huge database, the segmentation of, due to the tremendous knowledge that is obtained from the public by resorting to rigorous analysis of such information. We then reached the point of focusing exclusively on the public that can consume what we sell. We can go directly to that group of people.

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