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Bookmark this article and you won’t have to google dozens of times again. We have collect the most popular terms and briefly explain their meaning. is talking about. First, we analyze the concepts and abbreviations that are usually written in English. Below you will find Russian-language terms. To find the term of interest, use or search by the first letter: English terms testing A marketing technique that compares the performance of two options for a given variable. For example, the color scheme in the design of the site, ad titles, placement of CTA elements, etc. During the experiment, the most successful of the options is select. Marketing Vocabulary.

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What is an A/B test Read – “What is an A / B test” . App+Web Google Analytics A new type of web resource, also call App and Site. Allows you to collect application and website data for measurement in one place – Google Analytics. Read – “Google Analytics App + Web: Why you should start using it now” . ARPU Average Revenue Per User — average revenue Vietnam Mobile Number List per user. The indicator is often use by IT companies and SaaS . How is it consider: Marketing Vocabulary: or average bill per user. A performance indicator in online trading that allows you to evaluate the return on investment. How is it consider: Marketing Vocabulary: What is AOV B Backlink (reverse link, external link) A link on a third-party resource that leads to your site.

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Big data Huge amounts of data coming in at high spee. Can be structure or raw. For example, a large online retailer, where people make hundreds of thousands of purchases a day, may have this amount of data. In addition to volume, only five features of Big Data are call: Marketing Vocabulary: What is big data C call tracking Call tracking is a technology that determines which ads led to a call from a customer. It is base on the principle of number substitution, which allows you to find out which advertising is effective and which is not. There are three types of call tracking. Static – each advertising source is assigne a separate substitution number. Applies to offline advertising and advertising on online bulletin boards.

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