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FeedBurner Log in to Feedburner’s website and open an account so that you can increase the exposure of your website every time you publish new content. Advance settings Before we start, we want to emphasize that advance settings are intendd only for those. Who understand and know how to edit htaccess files and template files. If you don’t make the settings correctly, your website will be damage and maybe completely broken, so don’t try this unless you really know what you’re doing! 46. ​​End post changes Post changes that are made are save in the site’s database and they probably take quite a bit of the memory allocate to the site. As a result, you want to neutralize them. If you don’t like changes, you can deactivate them in the WordPress system editing the wp-config.php file.

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But this step is only recommend for advance users because it is Sweden Phone Numbers List a bit complex. If you feel you can do this, go to the wp-config.php file and add the following line of code define. Blocking access to the WordPress folders So it’s true that you protecte the site with a really, really strong password. But the WordPress folders can still be accesse from the browser and you want to block this access. A simple blocking of access is done by adding the following line of code to the site’s htaccess. Options All -Indexes Don’t forget to backup the htaccess file before this change! And this backup could be critical if something went wrong.

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There are pages that do not need to be indexe by Google and CG Leads you can do the control using robots.txt files, below are some of these pages: WordPress admin login wp-admin WordPress Includes wp-includes WordPress themes wp-content/themes WordPress Plugin wp-/content/plugins In order to stop the indexing of these pages, the robots.txt file should look like this: After you make the change, check that it does work well using Webmaster.

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