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With the right approach, the result of developing a business profile will be visible much faster than. With the development of a thematic community, and even more so a personal page. Ringo stat Facebook Page Welcome to the Ringostat Facebook page! Benefits of branded pages A public page on Facebook is the notorious “visiting card” of a company. This is the place to broadcast the mission, post news and offers, practical advice, entertaining posts, reviews. Page administrators can post, comment and like on behalf of the company.  There are many options for design – adding sections, call buttons, links, applications and services. Facebook page design features Facebook has developed generic public page options for different types of businesses.

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For example, a template for a store contains a showcase and the ability to place product cards. Shop page template Posts get into the newsfeeds of subscribers. So the reach is much higher than that of posts in groups. Public pages are indexed by search engines Iran Mobile Number List and may be visible in search results for branded queries. Detailed statistics available: previews and views; clicks on buttons with contacts or a call. Coverage of posts and stories; the number of new subscribers; number of recommendations; video playback frequency; sales. Below we will take a closer look at many of the options for designing, developing and promoting a brand page on Facebook.

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Be sure to use everything – this will make the business profile more interesting and meaningful, which means it will help attract and retain new customers. Ringostat for marketer Prove to the management that the advertising you set up is effective — show the call tracking and end-to-end analytics reports. Learn how to make your campaigns even more effective – analyze what potential customers are asking and what to add to your ads. Control how the sales team processes the leads you bring in – listen to audio recordings of calls and see reports of missed calls; Get more value for the same budget — find out which campaigns are not working and turn them off or optimize them, and invest the freed money in the most successful activities.

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