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The update is done in your user settings and there you can add your short bio and a nickname the nickname will appear in every post you publish – unless you set this information to be hidden.. 23. Adding users WordPress allows you to add users as need and define different roles for them editor, administrator, etc… In order to add users, go to “Users” “Add User” and fill in the details. You can choose a password for each user or the system will generate a password and send it to him – be sure to check the option to send the password to the new user.. Adding users 24. Adding a logo and favicon You know that little icon that appears in the tab above. It’s calle Favicon and it’s the one that will help surfers recognize your site when many tabs are open.

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The size of the icon is usually 16 x 16 and if you don’t know Oman Phone Number List  how to design in Photoshop, the good news is that there are quite a few tools that will help you create it. After you have create the pub icon, go to “Appearance” Adjustment Site Identity and upload the file. If your template allows uploading a pub icon, you can do this through the template settings. 25. Home page settings Under Settings Reading, you can set your home page and configure it. The home page is the first page your surfers will reach, so the importance of defining it correctly is high. If you have a home page ready, find it in the drop-down menu and set it as your home page. Home page settings 26. Change of generic admin name When installing WordPress, the site administrator must be define, usually and especially when installing WordPress using an automatic installer, the name will be Admin, which is a generic name that increases the site’s vulnerability to hacking.

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It is recommende to establish a new administrator user CG Leads and to delete the deputative administrative user. Another way is to edit the user through the PhpMyAdmin panel. 27. Definition of Gravatar It’s always nice to see your photo, or a photo you’ve chosen, on your user. This can be done at no cost or special editing using the Gravatar service. This avatar will accompany you throughout all WordPress websites.

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