The Call Center as a Marketing Tool

Telemarketing is the service of selling or promoting products by telephone, that is, what we know as telephone customer service. Many companies do not give it the importance it has and do not take care of its operation. Keep in mind that one of the most effective ways to create customer engagement is through customer service, as a link can be created by receiving information more closely. It is important to note that telemarketing has numerous advantages for both the company and the client. It allows the company to be more efficient and the customer the convenience of buying and getting information from the comfort of their home.

But the Advantages That We Are Going to Talk About Are the Following:

Updated database: having an updated database is essential for campaigns to work. For this it is essential to have a good segmentation or crm. That allows us to manage our clients according to their. Behavior (tastes, age, purchasing behavior…). This will create customer confidence in the company and as a result. We will have an increased response rate and return on type in phone number and find location free south africa investment. Opportunity for additional sales: when speaking on the phone. With a telemarketer, conversation flexibility is given that. Can lead the client to make additional purchases more effectively. Than through other types of tools. For example, a customer. Who calls because he wants to hire a service, but it turns out that. The company has other services that. May be interesting for him but that he did not know about.

IVR (Interactive Voice Response):

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The IVR system is responsible for managing calls through customizable automation. It has functionalities such as the options menu, which will make the client interactively and through his keyboard specify the problem he is having in order to redirect him to the appropriate operator. Another interesting function is the welcome announcements, they can be CG Leads customized and adapted to the client’s language, in addition to establishing application criteria according to dates and origins. Waiting queues: Once the calls have been managed, if there is no agent available, they will go to queues with music. The music must be chosen carefully depending on the profile of clients we have. In addition, there is also the possibility of adding voice locutions to that music that say.

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