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Listen to call recordings to get valuable insights from communication with customers that are not obvious at first glance. Customize the Multi-Channel Funnels report if your industry takes a long time to make a purchase decision. Part of the Instagram audience are potential buyers of your brand. The most important thing is to find this part, segment it and make a relevant offer for it. Selecting an audience manually takes a lot of time and effort, but there are alternatives. Diana Tumanova, marketer for the development of the Zengram Parser affiliate network, talks about them . Read how to find users by hashtags, geolocation, competitors’ followers and collect additional data.

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Reading time 9 minutes You can jump directly to the section of interest audience interests We are looking for the target audience on Instagram manually We collect the target audience with the help of special services Zengram Parser InstaParser Do Instagram Tunisia Mobile Number List Summary It is not enough to fill the Instagram page with content – you need to find subscribers who will read it and become regular customers. Remember that only users who make up the target audience bring money. The target audience is a group of people who need the services or products of your company. And they are future buyers. It is they who increase the company’s sales, pay for advertising costs, the costs of processing transactions, maintaining the service, and attracting new visitors.

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The value of the audience is great, but first you need to reach it. To promote your account, you will have to look for subscribers, show interest in them in the form of views, likes and comments. In this article, I will tell you how to find the target audience on Instagram manually and using services, what criteria to use for this and what to look for. Useful article on the topic – “How to design business profiles on social networks: tips and examples” . Determine the target audience on Instagram Analysis of the target audience of Instagram is carried out according to the following parameters: gender – if your products are intended only for men or women; geographic location.

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