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Facebook defines conversions based on the attribution window. The dilative time of the reference window is within 28 days from the moment of the click or one day from the moment of viewing. The attribution window will probably manage to surprise you, especially if you are a new advertiser. The logic says: immediately after there was a click there should be a conversion, but in reality this is not the case and Facebook counts the conversions differently. Reference performance: a quick overview Another tab that exists is the performance tab. It also won’t show you anything until no information is collected and only then will it be possible to see the information divided according to the conversion sources we talked about above, among others.

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Organic or sponsored traffic, referring Uruguay Phone Number List domain, ad platform, and more. Below is an example that Facebook itself shared: Reference performance When opening the information, it will be possible to see all the existing channels but you can choose to focus on the different channels. Click on the All Channels button, and you will be able to see the drop-down menu with all the options available to you. Reference performance: All channels And here we come to the reports. Facebook Attribution Tool reports Remember we said that the reports are at your disposal? So here it comes into play. Clicking on the reports will allow you to filter the information and generate the reports you want to generate. Needless to say, there are also predefined reports (including the ad budget report.

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To generate the reports you want, simply add or remove the CG Leads relevant columns for you. You can do what you want in general and reach the data you need specifically. Beyond filtering reports according to traffic sources, you can also filter the information according to campaigns (see upper right corner). If you choose the report by campaigns, you can choose the campaigns that you run on all platforms and also include rows for organic traffic. In the last drop-down menu, you can find how to filter reports according to the distribution that suits you. Filter reports according to the appropriate distribution.

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