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In order to be more successful in the local search: Focus on tips from the world of SEO Work according to the best practices and those that have proven themselves Do not suck and repeat old habits that have not proven themselves Focus on the long-term strategy and don’t be tempte to react momentarily or perform SEO actions only when necessary If you cannot work on your website regularly, regularly and daily, contact an external company and devote your time to your business. And here is an important piece of information: most of the businesses that succee in a local SEO environment are those that focus on their reputation and level of certification. Without exception, everyone makes sure to work regularly with a clear long-term work plan.

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Correct use of Google maps is intende, among other Bolivia Phone Number List things, for LOCAL SEO (local promotion) needs, which is expecte according to professional estimates to make up 50% of search traffic on Google in the coming years. This promotion has been going through a development process accelerate by Google in the last two – three years, with the aim of improving the search experience of the surfers as much as possible on the one hand and with the aim of helping more and more local businesses to focus their appeal to the target audiences relevant to them according to their residential area. LOCAL SEO is base on dedicate Google tools and various promotion techniques, some of which are identical to the techniques use in normal SEO procedures.

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Promotion on Google Maps, which is an integral part CG Leads of the local promotion procedures, has become in the last two years one of the most effective promotion techniques for local businesses, whether it is a private business that operates through one sales branch or whether it is a business that operates several points of sale through different branches. Registering on Google Maps allows all business owners to enjoy the following benefits.

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