The Art of Writing Simply

According to Sir Francis Bacon, “reading makes a man complete, speaking makes him expeditious, and writing makes him exact” If we try to take the concept of “complete accuracy” to the narrative level based on this author’s phrase, we could say that being really accurate is what differentiates a writer from a good writer. There are many people who enjoy writing but do most of these writers have the ability to express themselves in a simple and concrete way? Lewis said, “any fool can write in the learned language. The true test is the common language” Surely Lewis did manage to understand the art of writing in a simple way. His way of developing such an elevated plot, like the Chronicles of Narnia, so smoothly shows it. The art of writing simply is so complicated that it needs to be simple. That’s why not just any writer can do it.

1. How Writing is Achieved in a Simple Way

Everything you know about writing is useless and the reason. Is that every attempt must be a rebirth. This does not mean that what you have been. Writing for months or years is right or wrong. This is how ernest hemingway tried to explain it with his phrase. “For a true writer, each book should be a new beginning. In which he tries something that buy email database online is beyond his reach” of course. This does not apply uniquely to books. If you like to write blogs. Facebook statuses, tweets or whatever, this hemingway idea can help you. Most of the words of the scholarly language, as cs. Lewis named them, come to mind when we have the urge to write. And try with all our will to get the sentences from our. Mind onto paper or keyboard.

What Idea Do I Want to Write?

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It may seem silly, but many people commit the audacity to sit down to write without having a clear idea of ​​what they want to capture. Writing that way is like playing target shooting 1 kilometer away from the target blindfolded and without ammunition. It is very unlikely that you will have a good aim. How do I write that idea? Any text you write should have a central idea. Each paragraph the main idea and maximum another secondary idea that complements it. The CG Leads biggest structural challenge you will face when writing is that this central idea is well captured in a narrative thread throughout the text. Basically, the narrative you want to communicate must be clear in your mind so that you can define how you are going to write it.

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