The Advantages of an Organic Digital Strategy in Technology Companies

An organic digital strategy provides great benefits for companies. Of all sectors and sizes. The main advantage for technology companies involves branding and profits, without increasing costs. The current scenario demands a lot from companies. It is a fact: the constant changes in the market, in the consumer, and in the products – and the ways of consuming them – are causing disruptions never before imagined. And that affects even large established companies. Actually, I would say that these companies are at serious risk of being affected even more since they need to act at the same speed of change to stay relevant and competitive in the market. Although a lot is invested in the product, a fundamental point of the business is often left out: the consumer, and here I include companies that consume your product or service.

What is an Organic Digital Strategy?

People consult Google for all kinds of doubts in their daily lives: from a cake recipe to a comparison between possible software solutions for a problem they encounter at work. Thus, organic traffic is currently an important customer acquisition channel and has become essential for companies. When you don’t invest in an organic visibility strategy, you lose an California real estate agent email list free acquisition channel. Quite simply: you are leaving money on the table and your competitors are probably taking advantage of that opportunity. Low cost and long-term exponential results are its main attractions since they make up a perennial strategy that requires less maintenance effort. The main pillars of an organic strategy, currently, are: Content Marketing; SEO; Social networks.

1. Extra Acquisition Channel

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We already talked about the importance of an omnichannel strategy. including different channels. Currently, it is impossible to think about it without considering the organic strategy. About 3.5 billion searches are done on Google every day, which results in more than 1.2 billion dollars for a CG Leads year. There is no way to ignore the importance of being present in the search mechanisms. But for that to happen, you have to invest in optimized content. But what is the real benefit of it? Well, organic is a major acquisition channel.

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