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At the same time, there are a lot of settings that are important to define at the end of the installation in order to ensure the security of the site, maximize its spee and do proper optimization – and that’s even before you’ve starte and thought and messe with the site’s design. This article is an article that you should cut and save and go over every time you install WordPress We are here to try to simplify the settings checklist below for you and as a first step, let’s divide the settings into three main types, which are: basic settings, intermediate settings and advance settings do this only if you know what you are doing starting.

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Table of contents: basic settings Intermediate settings Portugal Phone Number List Advance settings The 50 important settings to make after installing the WordPress system basic settings As such, these settings are – settings that must be set immediately after installing WordPress and we will help you perform them in the best possible way. 1. Password reset Your WordPress should be yours and it should be protecte with a strong password. When you install WordPress using CPANEL, a password is generate automatically – you don’t want it. Reset your password Of course, you can also generate your own password, but make sure it is a very strong password. If you work with another password software and you like to use it, you can do that too.

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Clean the control panel Each panel you chose to work CG Leads with comes with different third-party. widgets that you may not necessarily want or have use for. Go through the management panel and remove what is not relevant or necessary for you. Another cleaning you should do is your entrance screen. In the upper part of the management panel you can manage and edit your login screen and decide what you will see every time you connect to the panel. Screen settings Clicking on the screen options button, a menu will open and there you can mark which widgets you want or don’t want to see every time you connect to the panel.

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