The 7 Deadly Mistakes When Doing Mailing

To learn how to do a mailing, specifically, send mass mailing campaigns, you must first know what you should not do. Emailing is usually identified by the spam practices that some companies use to bombard users’ inboxes. However, today the exercise of email marketing has evolved through the automation and optimization of its sending techniques. For this reason, knowing these negative aspects that damage the reputation of emailing and learning to mitigate these bad practices can change the perception that you had of mass mail until now. We are going to know the bad practices when doing mailing that you should not apply in your strategies. This way you will avoid having problems sending your campaigns, you will have a good reputation in the eyes of your recipients and you will know how to optimize your shipments by getting your contacts to see your newsletters in their inboxes.

Mailing: 7 Mistakes to Avoid

1.Buy contact listsbuying contact lists is an illegal practice that can. Also carry high financial penalties. With the entry into force. Of the rgpd, the new european regulation, the personal data of internet. Users is even more protected by law. This regulation places special emphasis. On the Romania mobile number prior consent of users for the use of their data, especially. For commercial purposes. In the short term, it may seem. Like sending your business offers to more people in less time can. Lead to more sales. But this is not true. When it comes to contacts who have. Not given their consent, they have no interest in what you offer. So no matter how large your contact list is, you will hardly sell.

2. Abuse With the Sending Frequency

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The frequency of sending your newsletter is an element that has to remain constant. At the moment in which the user subscribes to the newsletter, among the benefits of this subscription is the regular sending of information about your company, whether weekly, monthly, or bimonthly…, if they reduce the frequency of sending, you are not complying with the benefits of the subscription, in the same way, that if you increase the frequency you abuse their trust. The CG Leads recipient expects what has been promised no more and no less. Depending on the type of company and the content you can offer, one delivery frequency or another will suit you. 

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