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You can choose one of these options or combine several by placing lead forms on different pages. Development of a trigger map When creating a trigger map, a whole range of methods and principles are taken into account. Customer Journey or Sales Funnel. Site behavior. The most common user actions on the way to the product. RFM (Recency Frequency Monetary) – prescription, frequency and amount of purchases for a certain period of time. current segments. For example, members of the loyalty program. Posting behavior. Whether they open letters or not, follow links, whether they perform the target action. Send different types of emails depending on the stage of the customer journey and the goals you set. Let’s look at a few examples.

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Greetings to encourage the user’s interest in the purchase. You introduce the subscriber to the brand and product, and thereby motivate them to buy a product or order a service. Relevant for new users. Welcome letters Reactivation helps identify Indian Phone Number List subscribers who are ready to continue interacting with you. Below is an example of a letter from such a mailing list. If you have a base, but you have not worked with it, you can also start with this type of letter, but formulate the message to the audience a little differently. Reactivation mailings Recommendations of similar products are retained and converted into repeat orders. If your subscribers are active.


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But the conversion is low, send them such an email. Newsletter with the recommendation of similar products Abandoned cart reminder to push you to checkout. If the base is active, but there are a lot of unfinished orders, implement these letters first. Abandoned Cart Reminder Description of mass mailing formats After you have prescribed the types of trigger emails, consider possible topics for mass mailings. Send them to the entire database of active contacts. There are several formats. Promotional mailings: promotions, products of the week, sales, special offers. For this type, the rule is: one letter – one offer. Promo mailings Content: guides, tips, useful information about the company, infographics. For such mailings, the same rule applies as for promotions.

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