That’s Why You Need to Set Key Performance Indicators Kpis Set Key Performance Indicators Kpis

There Are a Lot of Different Key Performance Indicators—cpv, Cpm, Cpa, Cpc, and Many Other Combinations of Latin Letters. The Good News is That You Don’t Need to Focus on All of Them at the Same Time. Your Main Kpi Should Be Tied to Your Goal. If You Want to Increase Brand Awareness, You Might Be Interested in Cost Per View Cpv or the Overall Reach. If You Want to Increase the Number of Installs Without Exceeding Your Budget, You Might Need to Focus on Cost Per Install Cpi. And So on. There Are at Least Five Ways How You Can Measure Your Campaign’s Performance. Understand What a Specific Kpi Means for Your


Campaign Kpis Can Also Help You Make Strategic

Decisions About Your Campaign. You Can Choose E-Commerce Photo Editing Platforms and Ad Formats Based on Your Main Kpi and Supporting Performance Metrics. For Example, Sometimes Companies Might Be Certain That Creating a Long-form Video Review of Their Game is the Best Approach. But After Looking at Their Forecasted Kpis, They See That It is More Effective to Launch 60-second Integration Videos Instead. Make Sure That Your Kpis Are Reasonable When Setting a Kpi, Make Sure That It is Reasonable. For Example, if the Market Benchmark Cpi is 15 and You Set a Kpi of 3, It is Rather Unrealistic and, as the Result, You Won’t Reach Your Target. It’s Easy to Set Kpis When You Already Had an Influencer Marketing Campaign in the Past. In This Case, You Can Choose Kpis Based on the Data That You Have. If You’re New to Influencer Marketing, You Can Use Benchmarks Across the Gaming Industry,

E-Commerce Photo Editing

Do Some Analysis and Research or Reach

Out to an Influencer Marketing Agency. Agencies Usually Work With Companies Across Different Industries. If You Can Find an Agency That Launched Campaigns for Different Types of Games and Genres, It’s Even Better. This Means That They Have Enough Experience to Set Correct Kpis. Agree on Your Kpis in Advance Whether You Decide to Work With an Influencer Marketing Agency or Manage a Campaign Internally, It’s Important to Agree on Your Main Kpi in Advance.

All Teams Involved in Your Campaign CG Leads Should Be Aligned. Otherwise, You Might Find Yourself in a Situation Where Different Teams Evaluate the Results of the Campaign Differently. For Example, Depending on Which Kpi They Consider the Most Important One, Marketing Might Deem a Campaign Extremely Successful While Sales Will Regard It as a Failure. Step 3 Understand the Difference Between Mobile, Pc, and Console Game Advertising Difference Between Mobile, Pc, and Console Game Advertising Before Launching a Campaign, Set Some Time Aside to Understand How Advertising Works for Different Games.

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