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SS Checker – a free scanner that will scan up to 400 pages of your website. WordPress plugin: Really Simple SSL – a light plugin that handles the migration to SSL and along the way checks and corrects mixe content. Another plugin is SSL Insecure Content Fixer – a plugin designe for those who have already switche to SSL and it will scan the site for you and check if there are any resources that you need to fix. You can receive notifications and thus know what you need to take care of. And how is it possible without our screaming frog.

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Screaming Frog software is a very good option for locating Ecuador Phone Number List pages with mixe content on large websites.  There is also a free version of the frog but it is for smaller sites. If you have not yet checke whether your website contains resources and pieces of content, which are not secure and which are still loade on secure pages, it is time to do so because December is just around the corner and you do not want to be the website with the problematic security message. In an age where there is a lot of competition on the Internet, don’t let For your website to be out of date and scary for your surfers. The blocking message will be expose to all chrome surfers and the image damage will be done.

Ecuador Phone Number List

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If you don’t know how to identify mixe content or you CG Leads simply prefer to leave it to the professionals, we will be happy to help you on the matter. Contact us today and together we will prepare your website for December 2019 and in fact for the entire future. There are many marketing methods that come and go, but only some of them stay forever.

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