Technology in Education: Innovative Resources to Improve Educational Quality

Educational technology is a set of Information and Communication resources, processes and tools applied to the structure and activities of the educational system in its various fields and levels. The digital age has revolutionized every aspect of our daily lives, and education was no different.The industrial age is being replaced by the computer age, so new challenges and needs are expected in the educational field.This phenomenon is part of the digital transformation that has introduced the participation of technology in education, also known as “educational technology”.The incorporation of new technologies within schools has changed educational methods to such an extent that spaces are opening up for digital culture in classrooms.

What Role Does Technology Have in Education?

When educational problems find a solution in the use of information technology. That is, in the use of computers and more telecommunications. Equipment for data storage, transmission and manipulation. We speak of technology in education. In other words, we understand that. Educational technology is about the use of technological. Devices for educational purposes. Currently, the list of ceo email addresses staff of educational centers has the possibility. Of acquiring the internet, computers, digital whiteboards, mobile phones. And tablets to share their knowledge or organize classes and homework. These facilities have managed to adapt educational methods to the digital age. Where there is a greater number of teaching and learning resources for both teachers and students.

What Are the Pillars of Educational Technology?

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The new educational models have been created in the awareness that the future of our society depends on three technological areas, namely: programming, robotics and 3D printing. These areas are the pillars of educational technology: Programming Teaching programming goes beyond preparing students for a technological field of work. Students solve self-correction processes as they learn to CG Leads locate errors in complex problems. Programming works by promoting the learning of logic, creativity, finding solutions and entrepreneurship.

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