Systematization And Analysis Of Data On The Effectiveness Of Advertising

Despite the fact that the profession is considered conditionally “creative”, the specialist works a lot with numbers and reports. And here he must be very corrosive so as not to miss important points that can lead to losses. If you are a specialist in this field, our manual may come in handy – “Dashboard for the marketing department: description of settings and template” .

The success of marketing activities is never measured by eye, but only on the basis of data. Therefore, if you do not like numbers, this profession is not for you.

For example, a marketer calculates ROMI (return on marketing investment) – the return on investment in marketing. Or assesses whether the brand awareness is growing, if the campaign was aimed specifically at this. It also regularly works with Google Analytics data to measure website traffic and user behavior online.

Example of a Google Analytics website traffic report

If some of the customers contact the company by phone, then the marketer works with call tracking – call analytics. Such services allow you to determine from which advertising requests from users come. From source, channel and campaign to Ghana Mobile Number List keyword. So the marketer understands which activities generate applications, and which ones simply waste the budget and do not bring calls.

Also, the duties of marketers often include listening to calls. This is also convenient to do with the help of call tracking. For example, in the Ringostat service, a specialist can select a report only on calls for contextual advertising. And listen to the audio recordings that come with every call.

Ghana Phone Number

Listening to calls, the marketer evaluates

  • whether they come from the target audience;
  • whether the buyer understands the advertising message correctly – for example, with fuzzy wording in the ad, the developer may be called by those who want to rent an apartment;
  • what questions callers often ask – perhaps the answers to them should be immediately included in the advertisement;
  • how the sales department processes leads – if it’s bad, then all the efforts of the marketer are simply meaningless.

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