Sustainable Industry: How Sustainability and Technology Are Impacting the World

Do you care about sustainability? Or better yet, do you know the advantages it can bring to you and your business? sustainable industryThe term “sustainability” has gained great notoriety in the market and the media in recent years. Since then, an upward trend has been maintained and it has become one of the main expressions of the 21st century, with several companies and countries showing concern for sustainable development. For reasons such as global warming, concern for the environment or even marketing, various industries have invested to receive the seal of sustainable company. We will show you some examples of companies that are doing excellent work in this area, to justify why you should too. Learn about the strategies of a multinational.

What is Sustainable Development?

Sustainable development is about seeking to evolve socio-economically, but in a way that does not compromise future generations. That is, develop in a way that is sustainable for the environment. When we talk about the environment, we are referring to the entire ecosystem that society depends on to survive. This includes, for example, the email address for real estate agents supply of water and energy. Therefore it is, in reality, a balance between the natural ecosystem and the human economy. Thus, human evolution is capable of drastically affecting this balance, through the development of new technologies and institutions. We can recall the following examples to illustrate it: the emergence of agriculture approximately 10 thousand years ago.

Adidas and Its Line of Plastic Products

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The German company partnered with Parley, a cause focused on making people aware of the beauty and fragility of the oceans, enabling collaborations and projects that can reduce damage to them. One of those damages is the plastic waste that ends up in the ocean. According to recent studies by CG Leads Parley herself, at least 5 billion pieces of waste, weighing more than 250,000 tons, are now floating in the seas. Knowing the cause, Adidas launched the next project: a line of racing shoes made by recycling waste intercepted on beaches and coastal communities before it reaches the waters. The result of this partnership was a sensational campaign to raise public awareness of the need to preserve the oceans.

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