Super Follow What Is It and How to Earn Money with Them on Twitter

From time to time, twitter is once again on everyone’s lips due to various controversies among its users. Now, the reason why it is trending is because of the new feature that  available soon and it will be known as super follow. If you still don’t know about the super follow option. What it is and how it works you’d better read on. What will you find in this post? First, i will talk about the new feature and what it is, what benefit it brings to the followers and content creators. Of course, it is important to know if this option will allow us to monetize and how we can get the most out of it. Super follow: what is it and how does it work? A few years ago micro-patronage gained strength. And twitter has decided to implement it within its platform. Similar to how patreon works, this modality consists of paying a small amount to content creators to subscribe and obtain different benefits.

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There has been no word yet on how much it will be. Content the “super follow” button will be found next to the “follow” button and pressing it will display a window with UAE Phone Number List all the benefits of paying for this subscription. Then, only the payment information must be fillin to complete the process. But what are these benefits? At the moment, the following are discuss super follow badge. Similar to the verify badge, to show that you support a creator access to a private newsletter of the creator exclusive content (both tweets and fleets) discounts and offers (although it has not yet been discuss where) access to the creator’s community.

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That is, to private groups however, an update to earn money has not yet been announce , so we have to wait. In addition. The creation of communities base on CG Leads different interests and the new safe mode were also discuss. Functions that we hope will arrive at the same time. Monetize twitter with super follow if you know how patreon works, the new twitter mode will be very similar. As a content creator, you can decide which publications you leave free and which can only be access with a paid subscription. Thus, creators will be able to start monetizing without leaving the platform. Although twitter will take a commission for each payment.

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