Super Bowl 2020 Featured Announcements & Content

Surely you already know that the Super Bowl is the most important sporting event of the year in the United States. where the champion of American football is defined. On February 2, the grand final was played in Miami and it is estimated that around 110 million Americans saw it. and another 100 million in the rest of the world. But aside from the fanaticism for the game itself. viewers are eagerly awaiting halftime of the final. to enjoy special artistic performances and much-anticipated announcements. It is one of the most sought-after advertising spaces. The masters of marketing and brands have several minutes of glory to show their content. According to the American Marketing Association , advertisers paid. on average. about million for 30 seconds.

The main announcements and

This is the advertising space where fewer people stop to check their Smartphone or go to the bathroom! I invite you to continue reading the compilation that we show Tunisia Phone Number List you about some of most outstanding content of this event. which captured and captivated many. I’ve done several Super Bowl commercial. and that’s the best commercial of the year. That’s when people realize that they will be directly compared to other ads. JERRY SEINFELD – Turkish Airlines The airline decided on an advertising spot made by the Spanish agency DAVID Mad. which they called Step on Earth.

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Staging the wonderful experience

In it they highlight the spirit of discovery of humanity. Starting from the landing of man on the Moon in 1969.Two men and a woman explore beautiful CG Leads places unknown to them.  Of discovering what is new about our magical planet. It invites us to connect with Nature. David Mad’s team wanted to convey the desire and importance of traveling to discover surprising places as the main message. In his own words, the message goes straight to Americans: “There is a key fact. Americans don’t travel. The vast majority do not even have a passport. We wanted to invite you to discover the world.” said the spokesperson for the agency that created the commercial. In short. female Latin power on stage that produced an unforgettable intermission presentation. That not only benefited the brands that advertised in the Super Bowl, but also these great artists.

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