Structure The Text: Break It Into Small Sections With Subheadings

Short texts You can’t do without text, if necessary: Ask a Question; share news; post a job; talk about discounts or competition. Try to write briefly and concisely. Marketers have noticed that users read short texts more often than long ones. Posts under 80 characters get 66% more engagement than longer ones.” Source Plus, as you remember, Facebook “cuts” long texts with ellipsis, forcing users to click “More” to expand and read the text in full. Even such a trifle reduces engagement. What if you need to tell a long story? Divide it into several parts, interrupting the story “at the most interesting place” and forcing readers to wait for the continuation. – this will increase “readability”.

Facebook’s Goal Is To Keep Users Within

Duplicate the key idea in the picture. Even if a person does not read the text to the end, he will understand the main message of the publication. An example of a structured post on the SendPulse page An example of a long but structured post with an Kenya Mobile Number List image title on the SendPulse page Add External Links Another “working” type of content is the publication of links to interesting and useful materials, for example, from your own blog. This will help you solve three problems at once: share finished content with subscribers; increase traffic to your blog or website; track the number of conversions from Facebook in Google Analytics using UTM tags added to links – and thus evaluate the activity of your subscribers. Posting links is easy.

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Just paste the URL into the text field, and Facebook will automatically “pull up” the snippet – the title and cover of the material from the external resource. The link can be removed immediately so as not to clutter up the post. And write accompanying text instead. Publication-link on the Ringostat page Having a main link that Facebook will turn into a snippet doesn’t stop you from adding a few additional links to your post. Use a URL shortening service like Bitly to keep your links looking consistent and neat. But we do not recommend abusing links in the feed of your page. Dilute such publications with photos, texts or videos.

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