Storytelling Lessons from 2020 Oscar Nominated Films

On february 9, one of the most anticipated events for movie lovers took place. And i include myself on that list. But being more formal: “the 92nd edition of the most important awards in the film industry. The oscars, was held.” and at nido colectivo we did not want to miss. The opportunity to share with you the storytelling lessons that some of the films nominated for “best film” have left us. Many of them for the great content of storytelling that they tell us in their unforgettable stories, below is a list of them. Parasite: a brilliant critique of social class the film tells the story of a family that goes through a series of events that makes them go deeper and deeper into the “elite world”. And it is that with ” parasite “, the director bong joon-ho tells us an incredibly real story that the inhabitants of south korea live every day.

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Well when we think of south korea, we remember. That it is a very stable place economically, with great advances in different areas. But the reality that is  different, it tells Taiwan Phone Number List us how south koreans live divided into different social strata. Well , parasite , the winner of the oscar for best film and winner of countless awards. Defends its victory by being a critically acclaimed film that fulfills its. Main intention: to make us discuss the controversial distinction between social classes. Which do not exist only in korea, but in the rest of the world. In addition, they did not miss an opportunity to achieve their main focus. Which is to question the divisions between the human being, the hatred.

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The discrimination towards others and what we are capable of doing to change that. Storytelling lesson: to attract the public you have to make the story CG Leads a real event. Because if something captures a large audience. It is content that reflects the truth of society. …it’s pretty cruel and sad, but i thought i was being real and honest with the audience… Bong joon-ho, director of parasite joker: a society of villains joaquin phoenix, also the winner of the oscar for best actor for this magnificent film. Stars in a cold and dark story of the unforgettable green-haired character.

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