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Among them are: provision of isolated data, being Google Ads, for example, a very universal platform; the high cost. Platforms like Google Data Studio and BI tools charge an additional fee for each channel they integrate; the lack of interpretation of the data; the excess of irrelevant information, which ends up diverting the focus from the main objective; the lack of important digital marketing indicators; the experience requirement for writing complex reports, ie the complexity of the tools. That being said, we find that these tools have all the potential for detailed analysis of post data.

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Understanding of a scenario and more accurate decision making. -driven marketing to properly fulfill its role. Follow up! display data driven results Since data is usually related to consumers, marketing wins with data-driven France Number Data strategy How does data-driven marketing work? Much of the data collected by companies is related to the actions and behavior of consumers, so marketing ends up being the area that benefits the most from this management. After gaining access to important market and target audience information, professionals create more precise campaigns and strategies, as well as keep up with trends. Through the data it is possible to better understand the consumer, as well as their needs and pain, and thus improve the solutions offered and promotional and dissemination actions. What are the advantages of Data-Driven for marketing.

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Data-Driven in your marketing efforts. Some of them are: Optimal consumer segmentation To create better strategies and channels for the public, nothing better than segmenting it. Data-Driven is capable of CG Leads doing this intelligently. Creating the most relevant content The data also reveals the most relevant content for the audience and can convey the message of your marketing efforts. The ability to perform A/B tests Through Data-Driven, it is much easier to carry out and develop A / B tests, with the possibility of modifying any variable and thus demonstrating a more efficient strategy in the midst of data. Full integration with sales The data exchange provides the integration between marketing and sales and thus creates a complete AI hub.

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