Social Media Algorithm: How Do Instagram, Facebook, Linkedin and Twitter Work and How to Perform Better on Each of Them?

Social networks are essential in a digital marketing strategy and you probably already know that. But how to perform well in each of them? One of the first steps is to understand how it works. See below how the algorithm works for Instagram, Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. best franchises in MexicoHow to perform better on social networks and achieve results for the company? This is the question that many ask themselves, whether at the beginning of their digital marketing strategy or when they already have a well-crafted tactic. One of the main points of analysis that anyone who wants to have exponential results and with reduced costs in the main platforms of today is the algorithms.

Instagram Started Out

As a network without an algorithm – the feed was organized chronologically. With the most recent posts appearing first and you just had. To South Korean phone numbers swipe to see the oldest ones. In 2016 that changed and although it is not known exactly how the algorithm works. There are 3 key factors that affect how posts appear: 1. Timeliness: even though posts are no longer organized chronologically. Instagram still considers how recent an image is;2. Engagement. The total engagement of a publication that is measured by means of comments. And likes, especially in its initial moments. Makes a publication be prioritized or not;3. Relationship. The network prioritizes the publications of the accounts with which. The users who interact the most are through comments.

How to Perform Well on Instagram?

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We can see that Instagram is a network that greatly favors proximity between users, both with other users and with company accounts. Therefore, the great secret in this network is to promote that proximity. How to CG Leads do this? Check out some tips: Find out what is the best posting time: test and understand when your posts receive the most interactions. You can start those tests by following the recommendations in this post, but see what works best for your brand reality. Create good visual content: Instagram is a visual network, in which images and videos clearly dominate over textual elements. Thus, investing in quality production and brand identity is essential. Going beyond the obviousness of photos and investing in videos can also be a differential.

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