Sitemap: What is It and Why You Should Create Yours Right Now

A sitemap can be very useful to improve the search and positioning of your website.¬†Continue reading to find out more! SEO. You probably already came across this acronym when searching for ways to do Internet marketing, right? Basically, Searching Engine Optimization consists of a series of techniques to achieve good positions in the results of search engines. Mainly Google, responsible for much of the internet traffic. Keywords, link building, scannability, loading time, responsive design. All of these are very important ranking factors to conquer the long-awaited top of the results page. However, there is another very important element that is often neglected by administrators: the sitemap. Don’t you know what it is? Then you are in the right place.

But First, What is the Sitemap?

You have probably already used hierarchical organograms when writing a text in Word, right? So a sitemap works more or less like this, but instead of drawings, other forms of addressing are used. As the name itself says, it is a map of your website. It contains the information that indicates the correct path to be followed by the crawler. A crawler is a robot that searches the cell phone numbers in switzerland internet locating relevant pages for each search. In this case, the Google Bot. Consider the following situation: a miner needs to explore a gold mine that he has never been to before. However, before that, he will have to dig and find out every corner to, in the end, find what he is looking for. But if someone gives you a map, everything will be easier, right?

But, in the End, What Are the Benefits?

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In SEO, one of the main techniques is link building. That is, references on other pages that redirect the user to your website. When a page doesn’t get many inbound links, it can go unnoticed by the bot. Therefore, it is necessary to indicate it to Google, which, in this way, will have an easier time recognizing it and positioning it in the search results. In addition, the use of dates indicates the CG Leads update of content. Thus, they will be reread by the crawler. This content restructuring and extension technique is widely used to try to improve the ranking of pages. Google also gives priority to site administrators who help the bot in reading, this being a recommended practice and rewarded by the search engine.

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