Not To Delete The Old Site Completely

If you notice a drop in ratings, you should evaluate your content, base on the EAT criteria. Examine the originality of the content, are you providing original information or reliable research for your customers? Examine your expertise and try to answer the question “Why should surfers trust you?” Have you given surfers a good enough reason to believe what you write? Does your website and your page layout support and reinforce your expertise or does it perhaps detract? Do you regularly provide sources and support for what you publish? and more. Google wants you to focus on creating content that provides the surfer with adde value. Your content should give the surfer adde value that cannot be found with your competitors.

Allow The Search Engines To Crawl

Google updates and improves its algorithm regularly and China Phone Number List this means that there will always be core updates, which can affect your ranking and that of other sites on the network . The search engine giant sometimes warns in advance about updates and constantly reminds that a drop in ratings does not necessarily indicate a violation or bad content, but rather other content that is “better” in its eyes according to the indicators it define. It’s pretty safe to assume that Google’s focus is EAT and basically its goal (which you should share with it) is to provide the surfer with a better service experience¬† content.

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Your Old Urls By Submitting A Sitemap

Be sure to monitor your website, improve it regularly and be the CG Leads best you can be. This is the key to success and stability.What do you do when a website is damage as a result of an update.
The most important thing to remember is that organic search is a long-term game. Plan programs, change from time to time. Refresh the existing content and continue to produce and provide relevant content with adde value. Below are some guide lines from the previous update, which are quite suitable for any update.

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